The world is constantly changing and that includes our Industry and technology. The Printing Trade is becoming more and more competitive, resulting in companies having to stay abreast of new systems and technology. Staff should have a good technical understanding of the trade and feel comfortable in their environment. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to operate more efficiently and cost effectively to maintain success.

At Eden Print Dynamics, we strive to equip your company with the necessary tools and systems to achieve this goal.
Stay in control of your business and make the correct decisions based on actual statistics.
We offer great solutions and support, putting you back in control.

Management Information Systems:


Authorised Reseller


 In the Printing Industry today, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to invest in a good M.I.S. Not only does it streamline your business and boost efficiency, but it also puts you back in control of your numbers. This enables you to take more calculated decisions when it comes to investing in machinery or labour. No longer do you have to base decisions on gut and insticnt, you can now back it up with accurate data at your fingertips. The system we use is modular based, allowing you to only purchase the modules you require, thus saving you money. Epd is an Authorised Reseller of Dolphinworxs Software. Contact EPD today to find out how we can transform your business through this amazing software.

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